Autobody & Paint Repair

Auto paint is the most complex paint made. Its purpose is to enhance and protect the beauty of the auto body design. It also comes in 10,000 colors and effects, and has greater luster, shine, depth, and weather resistance than any other type of paint. Yet it is only .003” thick! It’s easy to see why auto paint repair requires great skill, experience and expertise. Call for a FREE estimate (720)428-6155 Maaco Auto Paint Services Can Repair Fading Car Paint Colors Fading is a loss of car paint color due to exposure to light or heat, which may cause a chalky white appearance and a lack of shine. No one wants their auto’s paint job to lose its shine. Maaco can sometimes restore your car’s shine by buffing a small layer of the paint with an abrasive compound and then polishing it. If the lack of shine is too severe, Maaco can sand down the surface of it and repaint your car.

Salt Damage on Car Paint

Salt damage can be a seasonal threat to your car’s paint in many areas. Over time, salt can erode your car paint and other auto surfaces. The salt damage is more visible on dark or darker colored vehicles. A car’s paint shine can sometimes be maintained with regular washing. In other cases, buffing and sometimes repainting will be necessary to restore the shine to your auto body paint color. In all cases, a single stage metallic finish would need to be sanded and reapplied to the vehicle.

Small Rocks Can Cause Big Paint Chips

An impact from small rocks or other hard objects at a high rate of speed can cause small areas of damage to your car paint film and leave a nick, notch or void in the paint finish. The damage from these small rocks can result in loss of adhesion to the overall substrate of the vehicle’s paint. Maaco will sand, featheredge and refinish all rock paint chip areas to make your car look like new.

Auto Body Chemical Damage

A chemical change in your car paint occurs when harmful environmental contaminants such as acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings and road tar remain on the surface of your car for an extended period of time. Maaco will wash your vehicle with a baking soda solution to neutralize the contaminant. We will then sand and buffer the surface with the appropriate grit sandpaper. When refinishing is necessary to bring your car back into shape, Maaco will sand and repaint the affected areas. Irregularly shaped pitting, etching or discoloration can attack the car paint film.

Loss of Car Paint Gloss and Paint Refinishing

A loss of gloss on your vehicle’s paint can come from a natural weathering of the finish or it can be caused by the use of strong detergents or cleaners on your car paint surfaces. If the paint is intact, the vehicle’s surface can be sanded and polished using special pads, compounds and polishes on a rotating buffer machine. If your car paint gloss is cracking and crazing, the paint will need to be removed and the surface refinished.

What is Cracking?

Cracking usually occurs when a car is 3 to 6 years old. It is found most commonly on the upper panels, which are readily exposed to the sun. It is the sun’s UV rays that hasten the breakdown of auto body paint. Cracking begins slowly. But once the process is set in motion, it moves quickly. That’s why the sooner you treat this problem, the better! Cracks must be treated or they will spread and cause the metal below to rust and pit. To ensure the cracks don’t return, the affected area must be stripped down to bare metal before painting.

Clear Coat Delamination

Clear coat paints have their own timeline when it comes to delamination, a peeling away of the top surface. Frequently, this timeline is based on the amount of exposure to the sun. Other times, this effect results from a manufacturer defect. The delamination process begins with pockmarks on the paint surface. Then, the clear coat separates from the pigment. Finally, the paint peels in small or large sheets. This accelerating process exposes the metal to moisture and the sun, and can lead to rust.

Maintaining Old & Porous Paint Jobs

As auto paint ages, it becomes porous. When new paint is applied to the surface it has a tendency to soak into the old finish causing uneven color and gloss effects. Sealers provide a uniform base so the new paint sets up evenly with good “hold-out” from the old finish. This gives consistent color and gloss throughout the entire painted surface. Primer sealer also provides an excellent material for the new paint to chemically bond to, thereby insuring good adhesion.

Surface Rust Auto Body Maintenance

Surface rust occurs when the paint surface has been broken. The bare metal oxidizes (rusts) and then “pits” the bare metal. Rust must be repaired or it will get worse and ruin the new paint surface.

Rust Through Auto Body Maintenance

Rust that has broken through has actually come from inside the panel. The problem is worse than it appears on the outside, because the accumulation of trapped dirt and moisture speeds up the oxidation (rusting) process. Rust-through is an automotive design problem seen more commonly with older cars. Today, manufacturers design panels that minimize dirt and moisture entrapment. Although nobody can guarantee the problem won’t return, Maaco assures a seamless auto body repair that will definitely prolong the life of your car – for a great value that’s really cost-effective!