Spot Paint Littleton, CO

Maaco customers generally get their cars painted for one of the following reasons:
  1. A tired, old auto paint finish that is dull, cracked or chipped, which requires a full body paint job.
  2. If the auto paint generally looks good, we can increase resale value by repairing only the damaged areas and matching them to the existing surface and color.
When spot painting, we use a multiple masking process protects the undamaged areas of your car's finishand ensures an accurate blending of the new and old auto paint. This blending process requires that we sequentially blend up to three separate applications beyond the original area. Then a clear coat is applied to ensure an accurate gloss match and a seamless, durable auto paint repair.

The cost of spot painting: Spot painting requires a much different degree of precision than overall painting. Matching colors to an adjacent panel requires considerably more time, materials, and elaborate technical process.

All our spot painting is designed to maintain the resale value of your late model car.